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For over 50 years, Peekel Instruments provides optimal solutions for measuring, monitoring and data-acquisition of all sorts of signals in scientific and technological applications. Our own R & D department offers our customers a wide range of standardized products as well as the possibility to create dedicated "one-off" jobs.

Peekel Instruments supplies various measuring amplifiers, dataloggers for static and dynamic measuring, loadcells, force transducers and industrial monitoring- and control systems.

Universal data acquistion

AUTOLOG 3000 – Universal measuring card with individually adjustable channels. Strain gauges, thermocouples, Pt-100 and various DC ranges. Synchronous data collection with 1 kHz/channel. Also available a multiplexer card and a digital I/O card. More >...

Daisy chain using CAN Bus

StrainBUSter – A decentralized strain gauge measuring module. Suitable for 120 and 350 Ohm gauges, Pt100 sensors and potentiometric sensors. The CAN Bus is used to daisy-chain the modules. Includes dedicated software. More >...

Measuring Amplifier

Picas – Manual- and computer-controlled multi-channel amplifier systems, including dedicated software controls. ActiveX-controls enable simple communication with other packages, like Excel, LabView or your own applications. More >...


Peekel's own well-proven range of standardized force transducers for compression and tension with forces from 1N to 20000 kN. Development and production of almost any custom-built force transducer.
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