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1. VAVE (Value Analysis & Value Engineering).

1). VAVE (Value Analysis & Value Engineering).

What is VA/VE?

Value Analysis/Engineering is a systematic and organized procedural decision-making process. It has been used in almost any kind of application. It helps people creatively generate alternatives to secure essential functions at the greatest worth as opposed to costs. This is referred to as value. It is also known as Value Analysis, Value Management, Value Planning, and a host of other names.
It answers 3 big questions: 

  • What must the item do? 
  • What does the item cost? 
  • What is the item worth?

Our VA/VE service evaluates your products and supply chain from a unique perspective allowing for cost reduction, improved quality, and meaningful supplier relationships.

Below is a typical VA/VE methodology framework.

In Today’s world increasing competition and evolving technologies continue to put pressure on the profitability of the products during its lifetime. Our VA / VE services help you reap benefits from these services in their journey from cost orientation to customer value orientation.

The value engineering services look beyond the conventional cost reduction measures and focus on value drivers such as convenience, quality, time saving, safety and exclusivity. Our Systematic approach helps to evaluate and prioritize the features in a product.
Our VA / VE services would help you to realize benefits such as:

  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced lead time
  • Improved life
  • Simplified assembly
  • Improved packaging
2. Verification & Validation services in-part as well as complete.
3. Turn-Key projects (For Research, Development, manufacturing and testing)

Shivalik Hills Development Pvt. Ltd. has desired and necessary team of experts to carry out design and development project in embedded, power electronics and Mechatronics domain. We have following design capabilities:

  • Electronics hardware Design – From Requirements to real hardware including detailed Analog and Digital aspects of product/project.
  • Microcontroller Firmware Design
  • Firmware Testing Service from Unit, Integration to System testing.
  • Writing System and acceptable test plans for end user.
  • Design and development of custom or calibration jigs and setups, including writing of manual and calibration documentations.
  • Pre-Compliance testing – A proof testing to check if the system would meet the desired EMI/EMC requirements.
  • PCB designing
  • Static and Dynamic Software and firmware testing.
  • MTBF Calculations.
  • Validation and Verification Services.

Processors/Microcontrollers we have dealt with:

Texas instruments

  • MSP 430 Series
  • TMS470 ARM7-Based Microcontrollers
  • MSC1211 – 8051 core.


  • AVR ATmega series.
  • 8051 Core Microcontrollers

Silicon Labs

  • 8051 Core Microcontrollers


  • PIC10 Family
  • PIC12 Family
  • PIC16 Family
  • PIC18 Family
  • PIC24 Family
  • dsPIC30 Family
  • dsPIC33 Family
  • PIC32 Family

Analog Devices

  • Blackfin Family


  • C166 Family

Recent Products:

  • Protocol Convertors
  • Absolute Angular displacement recorder
  • Absolute Angular Velocity recorder
  • Temperature Logger
  • USB logger
4. Process Induction for enhancement on cost of investment
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5. Training Services

We offer our training Service to all sectors including government establishments, private setups/organizations, educational institutions and much  more…!








Training Programs we offer :

1. Insight of Strain gage technology                             - PRG-1_SG

Program highlights:

  • Theory of Operation
  •  Surface Preparation- key points
  • Hands-on training on Strain gage wiring
  •  Bonding gages
  • Live Measurement demonstration
  • Discussion on sources of error.

2. Residual Stress Measurement/Analysis                  - PRG-2_RSA

Program highlights:

  • Theory of Operation
  • Creating a setup.
  • Demonstration of Live measurement.
  • Analysis
6. SUP™ (Student Up gradation Program – Industrial Training to understand the employers requirement )
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7. LIVE-PRO-Xpose™ (Live project Exposure during or after college of real Industrial Experience for budding professionals)
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8. Thes is PRO™ (College projects with Involvement of student)
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